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October 2013

First a thank you to all those in the UK and Switzerland who have helped us this year to continue with the work in Nepal.

Rachana, one of the girls from Dhanusha who is being looked after at the home in Kathmandu, had to have an operation. Gradually muscles around her eyes were causing the eyes to close and has been impairing her vision seriously. Therefore in early October she had surgery in Kathmandu to correct this before it became worse. Treatment is not free in Kathmandu and we have incurred quite a serious bill, exacerbated by the nasty infection that Rachana suffered in the weeks after the operation. Happily Rachana has recovered well and will be going back to school very soon!

We have plans to provide water tanks and wash facilities at the schools in Dhanusha and Lublu, this is at present being costed for us..



Photos of Rachana before and after the operation




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