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Our Mission

  • To provide opportunities for children in need to acquire the education they would otherwise miss; and, by helping them to develop their individual potential, provide them with a better future.

Our Vision

  • A society where every child is given the basic opportunities of education and security.

Our Objectives

Immediate objectives

  • To create a non-profit making, children's rights based social organization - achieved!

  • To identify underprivileged children, particularly girls, orphans, and children from the lower castes, who will make the best use of continued full-time education - first groups identified - on-going!

  • To provide assistance to keep the identified children in full-time education by providing school fees and funds for meals at school directly to the school - achieved and on-going!

  • To found a home in the metropolitan area of Kathmandu valley where identified children may be given adequate shelter and care while they continue with their education. - first home achieved!

  • To provide assistance to schools in the region in which we work, to create links between schools in Nepal and the UK - materials including whiteboards delivered to the junior school at Dhanusha and the junior secondary school at Ramnager.

Longer term objectives

  • To found or to support the foundation of other homes that will help in our aim to support the education of children from disadvantaged families

  • To support awareness-raising programs that uplift the status of disadvantaged children and lower caste women in society.