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March 2009, our first newsletter

In the past two months we have found the following four people to give some assistance towards their education.

Bikash R. age 19
A poor diligent student in the first year of studies for a Ll.B. He has a scholarship for the fees but because of his poverty could not take lunch at college. Seeing his condition Ashraya Nepal has decided to help him by paying for his lunch.
NRs 3000 is paid directly to the canteen of Kathmandu Law School each month.

Santosh A. age 23
Santosh is very eager to continue with his studies. He is from a remote village and his family cannot support him to continue with higher education.. He has been looking for a part time job but so far has failed to find one. Ashraya Nepal has decided to help him to complete his studies by providing shelter This will cost about NRs 6000 a month for two years.

Raja S. age 12
Raja is studying at the level of Grade 5. He is a very clever and diligent boy but his parents are very poor and cannot continue to pay for his expenditure. He is about to leave school and be a child labourer. Ashraya Nepal has decided to help him to continue with his education and provide NRs 2000 a month towards the costs of keeping him at school.

Mohana R age 13
Mohana is a very active girl, she is just about to complete her Grade 7. Her mother, a labourer, has struggled to bring her up as a single mother. Mohana has been first in her class and has shown promise of being a brilliant student. She is very good at sport and at oratory. Ashraya Nepal has decided to help her to continue with her education by providing NRs 2000 per month.

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